Oracle Empirica Signal upgraded to 9.2

We have been offering Oracle Empirica Signal 7.3.3 software access as part of our Pharmacovigilance Signal Detection courses, as well as through our Oracle Empirica Signal – software access subscription service. This has allowed learners to get 24×7 access to the software as part of their programs and help them practically work on the software to get valuable hands-on practical experience.

Today we announce that we have completed our upgrade to Oracle Empirica Signal latest version 9.2 which brings with it new features, improved cross borrower compatibility as well as support for new regulations and new ways to identify and manage signals in pharmacovigilance.

Nuances of Oracle Empirica Signal 7.3.3

One of the nuances of Empirica Signal 7.3.3 was the limited support for browsers as it only supported Internet Explorer 11. There were couple of problems with using this version:

  1. Most learners use Windows 10 which comes with Internet Explorer Edge as default which was not supported by Empirica Signal 7.3.3
  2. It required tinkering with compatibility mode and settings to make it work with Internet Explorer 11
  3. Most users have adopted Google Chrome which did not support Empirica Signal 7.3.3
  4. Empirica Signal 7.3.3 was not updated with recent regulations

With the upgrade to Oracle Empirica Signal 9.2 all of these issues have been fixed thus allowing learners to access the most updated version of Oracle Empirica Signal being used in the industry and being in sync with the industry requirements.

Updated Features of Oracle Empirica Signal 9.2

Oracle Empirica Signal 9.2 is completely revamped in terms of the backend on which it runs and the user interface. It now runs on Oracle Linux operating system and Oracle 19c database whereas previous version Empirical 7 ran on windows and Oracle 12c database.

The user interface has been completely revamped allowing for a cleaner look that allows better focus on the operational tasks and has the Signal Review as the front and centre of the application. The configuration of the application has also been reimagined making administrative tasks simpler and intuitive.

Here are some of the enhanced features of the newly deployed Oracle Empirica Signal version 9.2:

New analytics and flexible reporting options for Topics reporting in the Cloud

  • Oracle Analytics has replaced Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. In addition to Oracle Analytics, Oracle Data Visualization and Publisher reporting options have been added.
  • The Argus Mart integration via database links provides a lighter/more flexible connection.
  • Optional customer-specific reporting is supported.

Topic workflow enhancements

  • New action types and template enhancements increase efficiency and standardization.
  • Explicit approver roles and approval of topic state transitions manage critical decisions.
  • Topic Workflow Configuration administration has been improved.

Out-of-the-box interactive signaling for a large set of safety data sources

  • A new product-event combinations Detail panel provides information about recent alerts, comments, graphs, and associated topics. You can review details in one place for each selected combination to process potential signals.
  • Best-practice configurations for Vigibase, VAERS, and JADER have been added.

Cross-Browser Compatibility Support, User Interface Enhancements, and Other Functional Updates

Oracle Argus Safety has been enhanced to support the following alternate modern browsers instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 11:

  • Google® Chrome (latest public version)
  • Microsoft® Edge (version 88 or later)

For more detailed information about the Empirica Signal v9.2 release, please click here visit the official Oracle Release Documentation.

Clinskill – Digital Learning Academy for Clinical Research now provides its students and professional 24×7 access to the latest version of Oracle Empirica Signal version 9.2 as part of its programs, so that your learning is comprehensive and current as per regulatory requirements.

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