Diploma in Medical Writing  3 months

The Professional Diploma in Medical Writing is an eLearning program that covers the concepts, processes, regulations and standards in Medical writing. The program covers scientific writing, consumer health writing, medico-marketing writing and clinical research writing for regulatory authorities.

Key Features

Here’s how you learn

Multimedia Tutorials

Our tutorials are handcrafted for a more holistic learning experience. The tutorials include voice-over that will keep you engaged.

Quizzes and Assessments

The program includes a Quizzes and Assessments for each chapter to assess you understanding of the subject and provide feedback.

Discussion Forums

Each chapter includes a Discussion Forum. Post your Question. Get an answer from our Faculty. Its really that simple!.

Certificate of Completion

Earn Badges as your learn. Download the Certificate of Completion when you meet the course completion criteria.


Here’s what you learn

Module 1 : Introduction to Clinical Research

This module will introduce you to the filed of Clinical Research. You will learn about the origin of Clinical Research and the various stakeholders. You will also learn about the core principles and the regulatory bodies that govern this field.

7 chapters.

Module 2 : Epidemiology and Evidence Based Medicine

This module will introduce you to the field of Epidemiology and Epidemiological study designs. You shall also learn the concept of Evidence based medicine.

5 chapters.

Module 3 : Pharmaceutical Medicine

This module will cover the various areas of Pharmaceutical medicine, including the process of pre-clinical development, clinical development, Toxicology, Study Designs, Intellectual property rights and Personalised medicine. The fields of Drug Safety, Genetic studies, Stem cell Research etc. shall also be discussed.

16 chapters.

Module 4 : Basics of Good Medical Writing

This module will introduce you to Medical writing and its scope in clinical research. You will also learn about the important elements of medical writing and Statistic in Medical writing.

3 chapters.

Module 5 : Computer Skills

This module will introduce you to Microsoft Word, Excel and Open Source software. It will also cover methodology for Effective Internet Literature search.

2 chapters.

Module 6 : Regulatory, Marketing and Drug Promotion

This module will introduce you to the regulatory writing process for various clinical study documentation such as INDA, Clinical Study Protocol, Study reports, Investigators brochures, annual reports, product labelling etc. It will also cover the concepts of medical writing for marketing and drug promotion.

10 chapters.

Module 7 : Common Technical Document

This module will cover the process of creating and submission of CTD modules and eCTD. It was also cover how to interface and answer queries raised by regulatory agencies post submission and generation of Aggregate reports.

6 chapters.

Module 8 : Protocol, Investigator's Brochure and CRFs

This module will cover the process of writing a study protocol, Investigators Brochure, Case Report Forms, Informed Consent Forms and Patient narratives.

5 chapters.

Module 9 : Clinical Study Report

This module will cover the Clinical study reports, its content, templates and tips on writing each section of the clinical study report.

3 chapters.

Module 10 : Sentence Control

This module will cover the fundamentals of sentence construction, punctuation, tenses, pronouns, verb agreements and other concepts of effective sentence control.

7 chapters.

Module 11 : Writing Flow and Cohesiveness

This module will cover writing effective paragraphs, using effective data displays, writing medical data consistently any overcoming writers block.

4 chapters.

Module 12 : Publication Writing

This module will cover the writing of a scientific paper, abstracts for scientific meetings, case reports and content for electronic submission. It will also talk about the ethics and guidelines of publication.

8 chapters.

Module 13 : Documents in Medico-Marketing

This module will cover the various documents used in Medico-Marketing, including web content, audio-visual aids and medical writing training manuals

5 chapters.

Module 14 : Managing the Review Process

This module will cover effective review processes in medical writing and the process flow and metrics for managing regulatory submissions.

3 chapters.

Course Completion

This course completion module, includes a Final Quiz that you will need to take to complete this course. The marks of the final quiz will be added to the marks of all other graded activities of this course. If your total score in the course is 75% and above, you will be able to see a Course completion certificate which you can then download.

Final Assessment.

Jennifer Adams


“The program was thorough. It covered all the aspects of medical writing. Each chapter had a quiz which helped me assess myself as i learnt. The tutorials had a voice-over that made it easier to listen and learn. The mobile app allowed me to take my quizzes and listen to the presentations while travelling. Had a great experience with this program. Highly recommended. 

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Here are some questions we get asked often about this course

What is included in Diploma in Medical Writing?

Diploma in Medical Writing is an eLearning program and is designed to be a self-paced learning course. You will get access to our Online Learning Portal and will learn through recorded sessions, tutorials and assignments. You can get queries answered via Support Tickets and Discussion forums.

Do i receive a Certificate of Completion?

On successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a Certification. We lay a strong focus on the quality of learning. To acheive ceritication, you will need to complete all graded Tutorials, Quizzes, Assignments and a Final Examination at the end of the program.

Who will answer my Queries?

Every chapter in the course will have a Discussion forum. When you post a query in the Forum, the Course instructor will reply to it. You can also directly message the course instructor from within the Learning portal. For urgent inquires you can also raise a support ticket on our Support Portal.

What jobs am i eligible for after the Course?

On successful completion of the program you will be elligible for the roles of a Medical writer, Document review specialist, Scientific content writer, Regulatory Medical Writer, Research Associate, Medical Advisor and Manager – Scientific and Medical writing.

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