Ethics in Clinical Research

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The Ethics in Clinical Research course is an online eLearning course that covers the ethical perspectives of conducting clinical trials. The course will lay the foundation of conducting clinical research in an ethical manner and the processes, documents and guidelines that help achieve that.

The path to finding out if a new drug or treatment is safe or effective, for example, is to test it on patient volunteers. But by placing some people at risk of harm for the good of others, clinical research has the potential to exploit patient volunteers. The purpose of ethical guidelines is both to protect patient volunteers and to preserve the integrity of the science.

The ethical guidelines in place today were primarily a response to past abuses, the most notorious of which in America was an experiment in Tuskegee, Alabama, in which treatment was withheld from 400 African American men with syphilis so that scientists could study the course of the disease. Various ethical guidelines were developed in the 20th century in response to such studies.

The program is made up of 1 module, 5 topics and 6 Quizzes. It covers the important ethical considerations in clinical research including Informed Consent Process, International Conference of Harmonization (ICH-GCP), Schedule-Y and ICMR guidelines.

On completing your enrolment for the Ethics in Clinical Research program you will instantly get access to our online learning portal.

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Key Features


  • Full access to e-Learning Portal containing Multimedia Tutorials, Recorded Lectures and Quizzes.
  • Course Instructor support via Discussion Forums



  • Ethics in Clinical Research
  • Informed Consent Process
  • International Conference for Harmonization
  • Schedule-Y
  • ICMR Guidelines



At the end of the course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion.



The duration of this program is 2 months.

You will have access to the course on the learning portal, for the duration of the program.

6 reviews for Ethics in Clinical Research

  1. Debolina

    Would be good to take their Introduction to Clinical Research course before taking this one if you are just getting started with clinical research. As such this course is good if you specifically wish to understand ethical considerations in clinical research.

  2. Soren

    Great course for a nominal fee. Appreciate it.

  3. Adrian

    No complaints. Good content.

  4. Ivette

    Tutorials include voice-overs which is appreciated. Its a good course overall.

  5. Parth Kumar

    Appreciate the course. Specific yet comprehensive. Would recommend it.

  6. Paridha Matthew

    Good course but suggest taking their Introduction to Clinical Research course before as this course builds on that.

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