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Oracle Clinical Fundamentals is an e-Learning program that covers the basic and advanced concepts of managing clinical trial data using the Oracle Clinical application.

Careers in Clinical Data Management

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Key Features

Here’s how you learn

Access to Oracle Clinical

Get hands-on practical experience on conducting clinical data management processes by working on the Oracle Clinical software.

Recorded Sessions

Get access to recorded video lectures from our expert industry faculty that demonstrate all activities performed in Oracle Clinical.

Multimedia Tutorials

Our tutorials are handcrafted for a holistic learning experience. Access Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) on all Oracle Clinical activities.

Quizzes and Assessments

The program includes a Quizzes and Practical Assignments for each chapter to assess you understanding of the subject and provide feedback.

Discussion Forums

Each chapter includes a Discussion Forum. Post your Question. Get an answer from our Faculty. Its really that simple!.

Certificate of Completion

Earn Badges as you learn. Download the Certificate of Completion when you meet the course completion criteria for the program.


Here’s what you learn

Chapter 1 : Oracle Clinical Navigation

In this chapter you shall learn the process of logging in and Navigating through the Oracle Clinical user interface. This chapter shall also cover the various user interface elements of the Oracle Clinical application and the functionality of each element.


Chapter 2 : Oracle Clinical Overview

This chapter covers the overview of the Oracle Clinical application, including the user interface and the various elements within it. This chapter shall discuss the various subsystems of Oracle Clinical and the brief functionality of each subsystem in the clinical data management workflow.


Chapter 3 : Planning a Clinical Study

In this chapter you will learn the process of planning a clinical study using the Plan subsystem of Oracle clinical. This would involve designing Programs, projects, Organizational, Regions as well as creating a Planned study.


Chapter 4 : Designing a Clinical Study

In this chapter we shall learn the process of Designing a clinical study using the Design subsystem of Oracle Clinical. We shall learn the process of creating Intervals, Clinical Planned events, Treatment patterns, Patient positions and assigning sites to Investigators and Patients.


Chapter 5 : Global Library

In this chapter we shall understand the importance of the Global library subsystem of Oracle Clinical and the process of using it to create Discrete Value Groups, Questions and Question Groups as a part of designing Data entry screens from Case Report forms.


Chapter 6 : Definition Subsystem

In this chapter we shall learn the process of creating Data collection modules and Data collection instruments as a part of designing Data entry screens. The process of generating and editing the character layout of these data entry screens shall also be covered.


Chapter 7 : Validation Procedures

In this chapter you will learn the concept of Validation and derivation procedures and their importance in identifying inconsistent data reported on the Case report form. This chapter will also cover the process of designing these procedures, generating and testing them and executing them on production data.


Chapter 8 : Data Entry

In this chapter you will learn the process of performing data entry using the Data entry subsystem of Oracle clinical. This will cover the process of performing Initial Login, First pass data entry, second pass data entry, Data updates and Key changes where required.


Chapter 9 : Discrepancy Management

In this chapter we shall learn about the various types of discrepancies encountered in a Case report form and how they are managed using the Conduct subsystem of Oracle Clinical. This chapter shall also cover the the workflow of resolving discrepancies as well as escalating them for Investigator review as required. The process of generating and printing Data Clarification Forms and their resolution shall also be covered.


Course Completion

This course completion module, includes a Final Quiz that you will need to take to complete this course. The marks of the final quiz will be added to the marks of all other graded activities of this course. If your total score in the course is 75% and above, you will be able to see a Course completion certificate which you can then download.


Jordan Reynolds


“Very well organized and conceived. Access to Oracle Clinical software enabled me to get hands-on experience.

I was able to learn and build on the core concepts of clinical data management with minimal questions or frustration. It taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well paced. I’m already applying what I learned at work. ”

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Here are some questions we get asked often about this course

What is Oracle Clinical?

Oracle Clinical is a software application used for the management of clinical data generated during clinical trials. It is used by most of the Fortune 500 companies. It is a part of a larger suite of applications called the Oracle Pharmaceutical applications suite (OPA).  Oracle Clinical is widely adopted as the preferred software for managing clinical data.

Do you offer a Live Online Training program?

Yes. The Oracle Clinical – Live Online Training program is delivered through WebEx. We will schedule your lectures with the Instructor and Live Online classes shall be conducted via WebEx. In addition, you will also have access to recorded sessions, tutorials and assignments.

Will i get access to Oracle Clinical software?

Yes, you will be able to access the Oracle Clinical application 24×7 from your home throughout the duration of the program. Your credentials to access the software shall be emailed to instantly on enrollment in the program. It is a web-based application and no installation is necessary.

Do i receive a Certificate of Completion?

On successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a Certification. We lay a strong focus on the quality of learning. To acheive ceritication, you will need to complete all graded Tutorials, Quizzes, Assignments and a Final Examination at the end of the program.

What is included in Oracle Clinical Fundamentals?

Oracle Clinical Fundamentals is an eLearning program and is designed to be a self-paced learning course. You will get access to our Online Learning Portal and will learn through recorded sessions, tutorials and assignments. You can get your queries answered through Support Tickets and Discussion forums.

Can i upgrade after sign-up?

Yes. You can upgrade from the Oracle Clinical Fundamentals to the Oracle Clinical – Live Online program at any time after signing up. You will only need to pay the difference in Fee. You can request an upgrade to the Live Online course by raising a support ticket on our Support Portal.

Who will answer my Queries?

Every chapter in the course will have a Discussion forum. When you post a query in the Forum, the Course instructor will reply to it. You can also directly message the course instructor from within the Learning portal. For urgent inquires you can also raise a support ticket on our Support Portal.

What jobs am i eligible for after the Course?

On successful completion of the program you will be eligibel for the roles of a Clinical Database Designer, Clinical Data Coordinator, Clinical Data Programmer, Lead Data Entry Associate, Clinical Data Manager and Clinical Data Quality Control Specialist.

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