Refund Policy

Refund Policy applies to our e-learning and Live Training programs and defines our approach to refunds and cancellations in relation solely to how our courses are delivered. If you feel that our statement as set out below has not satisfied your query then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

ClinSkill is committed to ensuring adequate delivery of all our services including e-learning, Live Trainings and Software access (where applicable) and will deal reasonably and appropriately with all queries relating to our courses.

Technical problems
If technical problems stop you from accessing the content you have purchased, our support team will try to help you resolve the problem. You are required to have a functioning internet connection and equipment to enable you to view audio/video files and access the software delivered over the internet. Provided you have the required connection and equipment, you will receive a full refund for all unused content purchased if we are unable to resolve the problem faced by you. Used content is that for which a course certificate has been issued.

Refund Policy
ClinSkill will offer a refund only if the user has not accessed any of the course content for the course that he/she has enrolled for and the Support team is unable to resolve the issue the student is facing after he/she has written to the support team at or raised a support ticket at

Refund Conditions
All access to the our Virtual Learning centre at is governed by a unique username and password. The username and password is part of a system which protects the security of the resource and enables ClinSkill and our affiliates to monitor usage by any individual. When a refund request is received, ClinSkill reserves the right to track the usage by an individual (through his/her username and password) of the following:
Specific pages viewed
Frequency of use
Time period of use
Certificates issued
IP address used

No refund will be granted if ClinSkill has reason to believe that an individual has viewed any of the information they have purchased.

ClinSkil reserves the right to charge a handling fee (15% of the original fee) for any refunds issued.

Any authorised refunds will be processed by ClinSkill within 15 days.

Other Refund / Cancellation Policies
Please note this policy relates solely to the delivery of e-learning courses, Live Training courses and Software access purchased. For other aspects of refund and / or cancellation that relate to other services please refer to our standard terms and conditions of business which are available upon request.