Oracle Empirica Signal – Software

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Oracle Empirica Signal – Software Access

Oracle Empirica Signal is a web-based Drug Safety Data Mining and Analysis software designed by Oracle. It is used by pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CRO) for generating statistical scores for combinations of drugs and events in a drug safety database, and for detecting signals (unexpected associations of drugs and events).

As a part of this Subscription you can get access to the latest version of this enterprise application (Empirica Signal 9.2), that will help you understand how Oracle Empirica Signal can be used for Data Mining of Drug Safety data.

For Students – Get practical experience on the Oracle Empirica Signal application and be better prepared for a Job Interview.

For Professionals – Practice creation and execution of Data Mining Runs and move laterally in the Pharmacovigilance – Signal Detection domain.

For Institutions – Provide an edge to your students by integrating Oracle Empirica Signal in your Pharmacovigilance training curriculum.

Oracle Empirica Signal – Software Access is offered as a cloud based service. Upon subscribing to the service, you would be sent the web link to access the software along with your credentials. No installation is required from your side.

You may also enroll for our eLearning program – Oracle Empirica Signal 


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