Argus Safety – Business Configuration and Administration

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Oracle Argus Safety – software access is included.



Oracle Argus Safety – Configuration and Administration is an online eLearning course that covers the Business processes within Argus Safety while laying a strong focus on Configuration and Administration activities performed in Argus Safety. It is intended for professionals who are willing to make a career as an Oracle Argus Safety – Implementation, Administration and Support Specialist.

This course will cover the topics outlined for the Oracle Argus Safety Certified Implementation Specialist Exam and help you prepare for the same.

The course includes hands-on practical training on Oracle Argus Safety software used as a de-facto standard for managing drug safety data. The focus of these trainings is on Argus Console, that is used for configuration and administration of the Argus Safety application.

The program is made up of 1 module, 9 topics and 10 Quizzes on Argus Safety. It also includes 3 add-on modules with 26 topics that comprehensively cover Argus Safety 8.0, 8.1, 8.1.1 and the latest version Argus Safety 8.1.2.

It first covers the functional side of the application including Business Process and Workflow. This is followed by Business & System Configuration, Advanced Configuration activities, Architecture of the Argus Safety Suite,  Integration with other components and systems, migration of drug safety data. Please view the Curriculum Tab for a detail of course topics covered.

On completing your enrolment for the program you will instantly get access to our online learning portal and the Oracle Argus Safety software.

Note: This program includes access to the latest version of Oracle Argus safety – version without console level access. Console level access to the application can be purchased separately if desired.

Find more information about the Oracle Argus Safety application – What is Oracle Argus Safety


Key Features


  • Access to specially crafted Tutorials for the Oracle Certification Exam
  • Detailed Hands-on Practical Exercises.
  • 24×7 Access to Oracle Argus Safety software without console.
  • Access to Recorded Lectures and Demonstrations


Chapter 1 – Business Processes and Workflow
  • Single Case Business Process/Workflow
  • Regulatory Reporting
    • Expedited
    • Aggregate
  • Business Intelligence
  • Serious Adverse Event Reconciliation
  • End of Study Unblinding
Chapter 2 – Configuration Process and System and Business Configuration
  • Argus Safety Configuration Process
  • Argus Safety System Configuration
    • Workflows
    • Code Lists
    • Case Priority
    • System Numbering
    • System Management
    • Field Validation
    • Field Labels
  • Argus Safety Business Configuration
    • Products
    • Studies
    • Reporting rules
Chapter 3 – Advanced Configuration
  • Argus Safety Business Configuration
    • Access Management
  • Argus Safety Service Configuration
  • Argus Affiliate
    • Configuration Elements
  • Electronic Submissions Manager Configuration
  • Argus Insight Configuration
    • List Management Configuration
  • Argus Insight Configuration
    • Security
    • ETL Scheduler
    • Dashboard
    • Audit Log
    • ETL and Dashboard
  • End of Study Unblinding Module Configuration
  • Reconciliation Module Configuration
Chapter 4 – Argus Safety and Argus Insight Overview
  • Argus Safety Overview
  • Argus Insight Overview
Chapter 5 – Argus Safety – Technology
  • Argus Modules and Architecture
  • Argus Safety Database Structure
  • Argus Insight Database Structure
Chapter 6 – Argus Safety – Integration
  • Argus Interfaces Overview
  • Interface with Clinical Data Management Systems
  • Interface with Reconciliation process
  • Interface with Dictionaries
  • Interface with E2B
  • Interface with Email, Security and Document Management process
Chapter 7 – Argus Data Migration
  • Migration Approach
  • Requirements Gathering and Collection
  • Common Data Migration Challenges
  • Data Mapping Exercise
Chapter 8 – Wrap Up 
  • Specialization and Certification
  • Exam Overview
  • Achieving Specialization
Chapter 9 – Go Live
  • Go-Live Approach
  • Go-Live Preparation
  • Pre-Cutover Activities
  • Cutover Activities
  • Post-Cutover Activities
  • Best Practices to Consider
Course Completion
  • Final Assessment
  • Course Certification
Add-on Module – Oracle Argus Safety 8.0
  • Argus 8.0 Technical Overview – Architecture
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.0 – Features Updates
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.0 – Installation
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.0 – Upgrade and Data Migration
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.0 – Business Configuration – Products, Studies and Licenses
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.0 — Business Configuration – Reporting Rules
  • Argus 8.0 Technical Overview – BIP-Periodic Reporting
  • Argus 8.0 Technical Overview – E2B R3
  • Argus 8.0 Technical Overview – eVAERS Report
  • Argus 8.0 Technical Overview – Local Data Lock
  • Argus 8.0 Technical Overview – Oracle B2B Integration
Add-on Module – Oracle Argus Safety 8.1
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.1 Technical Overview
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.1 Functional Overview – E2B R3 Foundation Updates
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.1 ICH E2B R3 Updates Demo
  • Argus Standard Edition 8.1 eVAERs and eMDR Updates
  • Argus Safety 8.1 PMDA E2B R3 – Japan Functional Updates
Add-on Module – Oracle Argus Safety 8.1.1
  • Argus 8.1.1 – Functional Overview – Tech Stack Updates
  • Argus 8.1.1 – Functional Overview
  • Argus 8.1.1 – Functional Overview – PMDA Paper Forms
  • Argus 8.1.1 – Functional Overview – Import Framework
  • Argus 8.1.1 – Technical Overview – PMDA Paper Reports
  • Argus 8.1.1 – Technical Overview – E2B R3/ PMDA E2B
Add-on Module – Oracle Argus Safety 8.1.2
  • Argus 8.1.2 – Functional Overview – ICH E2B R3 Updates
  • Argus 8.1.2 – Functional Overview – Japan Updates
  • Argus 8.1.2 – EMA E2B(R3) Updates, eMDR, EMA Certification issues, ICSR Check
  • Argus 8.1.2 – PI Protection and Dictionary Loading Requirements



At the end of the course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion.



The duration of this program is 2 months.

You will have access to the course, and Argus Safety software for the duration of the program.


9 reviews for Argus Safety – Business Configuration and Administration

  1. Ted Adams

    This course helped me prepare and clear the Oracle Certification Exam. I am really happy with the outcome of this program for me.

  2. Parv Arora

    Highly recommend this course if you plan to enter Oracle Argus Safety technical consulting.

  3. Nadia Zariwala

    If you want to be a Drug Safety associate take their Oracle Argus Safety Essentials course instead. This one is technical and only for for those having background in Information technology.

  4. Vasantha

    Okay. So i enrolled for this course and paid for it. Immediately got an email with access credentials to learning portal and Oracle Argus Safety software. Logged in and could get started right away. Course was well organised and practical assignments were detailed. Quizzes were really helpful in assessing my knowledge. Once i completed all topics and took the final examination, received a certificate of completion in my email. Great experience!

  5. Mark Reed

    In-depth curriculum and tutorials. Quizzes helps me test myself. Got access to Oracle Argus Safety software as promised. Could consider including access to Argus Console as well to practice on the backend. Overall satisfied.

  6. Meera Sood

    Took this course. Cleared the Oracle Argus Safety Implementation Specialist examination. Thanks guys!

  7. Izra Williams

    Technical course. Not recommended for those that don’t know the functional aspects of Oracle Argus Safety. Should have knowledge Argus Safety frontend first to understand this course.

  8. Sireesh Saurabh

    Wanted to prepare for the Oracle Argus Safety 7 Implementation Support Specialist examination available at and came across this course. The content covered was exactly what was required to clear this examination. Argus Safety Architecture, Database structure, Argus Insight, Argus Japan, Argus Console, Configuration and Administration, everything was covered. They even had practical assignments that helped me practice. Received access to the Oracle Argus Safety software for practice. Highly recommend this course!

  9. Santosh

    If you are looking to get into Oracle Argus Safety Support, this is the course to take.

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