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Pharmacovigilance Knowledgebase is a online repository of Learning content for Pharmacovigilance that covers all the concepts of management of drug safety data, the global regulations and key processes in Pharmacovigilance. The extensive pharmacovigilance knowledgebase includes the processes of Case data management in Oracle Argus Safety and Pharmacovigilance Signal Detection in Oracle Empirica Signal.

Subscribing to the pharmacovigilance knowledgebase is a great start for students and professionals that wish to get started in the field of drug safety and pharmacovigilance. It’s also a perfect fit for students already enrolled in a pharmacovigilance program and would like to get access to quality content that will help you better learn, understand and expand your knowledge.

On Subscribing to the Knowledgebase you get access to all our programs in Pharmacovigilance for a Single Fee which gives you a broader perspective of the domain. The courses are delivered via our online learning portal.

The following eLearning Programs are included as a part of the subscription

  1. Oracle Argus Safety Essentials
  2. Oracle Empirica Signal
  3. Diploma in Pharmacovigilance
  4. Oracle Argus Safety – Business Configuration and Administration

All Subscriptions are billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Subscription to Knowledgebase does not include software access. You can purchase software access at


Content Stats – 10 Modules, 87 Chapters, 83 Quizzes


  • Module 1 – Introduction to Clinical Research
  • Module 2 – Principles of Pharmacovigilance
  • Module 3 – Pharmacovigilance and Selected System Organ Classes
  • Module 4 – Pharmacovigilance Systems
  • Module 5 – Global Pharmacovigilance and Safety Standards
  • Module 6 – Pharmacovigilance Regulations and Guidelines
  • Module 7 – Pharmacoepedemiology

Oracle Argus Safety Essentials

  • Chapter 1 – Principles of Pharmacovigilance
  • Chapter 2 – Overview and Navigation
  • Chapter 3 – Overview of Argus Menus
  • Chapter 4 – Case Form Features
  • Chapter 5 – Drug and Event Coding
  • Chapter 6 – Case Entry and Processing
  • Chapter 7 – Advanced Conditions
  • Chapter 8 – Reporting and Submissions

Oracle Empirica Signal

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Signal Detection
  • Chapter 2 – Introduction to Empirica Signal
  • Chapter 3 – Empirica Signal – Signal Detection and Prioritization
  • Chapter 4a – User Interface – Settings and Features
  • Chapter 4b – User Interface – Preferences
  • Chapter 5 – Navigating with Tabs
  • Chapter 6 – Queries and Case Series
  • Chapter 7 – Creating Data Mining runs
  • Chapter 8a – Data Mining Results
  • Chapter 8b – Data Mining Results – Graphical Display
  • Chapter 9 – Drug Profiles and Reports
  • Chapter 10 – Empirica Signal Topics

Oracle Argus Safety – Configuration and Administration

  • Chapter 1 – Business Processes and Workflow
  • Chapter 2 – Configuration Process and System and Business Configuration
  • Chapter 3 – Advanced Configuration
  • Chapter 4 – Argus Safety and Argus Insight Overview
  • Chapter 5 – Argus Safety – Technology
  • Chapter 6 – Argus Safety – Integration
  • Chapter 7 – Argus Data Migration
  • Chapter 8 – Wrap Up
  • Chapter 9 – Go Live




The Knowledgebase gives you access to multiple courses for a single course Fee.

You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for all the courses in the Knowledgebase for which you meet the course completion criteria.

12 reviews for Pharmacovigilance Knowledgebase

  1. Olu

    Five stars

  2. Sumiran Shreshta

    I recommend it for how comprehensive the programs are once you have subscribed to it.

  3. Prakriti Sanyal

    Extensively helped me in my Masters Program in Drug Safety i have been persuing at another college. I am happy having invested in subscribing to this knowledgebase.

  4. Annie Matthew

    Nothing wrong here. Completed my subscription and immediately received an email with the credentials to login to their Learning Portal and get started. Very pleased with the support as well!

  5. Maria Hernandez

    Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tutorials and the depth of content in the Knowledgebase. Had access to multiple courses. Completed Argus Safety Essentials course so far and plan to renew to complete the other programs.

  6. Gary Wazir

    I was able to login immediately upon enrolment and have access to all the all the domain knowledge in Pharmacovigilance. Had to take the software access separately though.

  7. Piku

    Glad i subscribed. The content is vast and comprehensive.

  8. John Paul Lobo

    Delivered as promised. Recommend it!

  9. Gita Basra

    Currently pursuing a course in Pharmacovigilance from another institute. Subscribing to this knowledgebase was like having access to an online library of content to learn from. Quizzes in the courses helped me assess myself. Really helpful!

  10. Kritika Saini

    If you are looking to get into Pharmacovigilance, this is the best resource you may have been looking for. Content is very detailed although it will take you some time to go through everything. Don’t expect to cover all courses in this knowledgebase in a month. Would recommend this over the Oracle Argus Safety Essentials program on this site as it gives access to other courses like Empirica Signal etc.

  11. Elena Nikonova

    Would have been great if software access to Oracle Argus Safety was included with the Knowledgebase. The course content was in line with expectations. Instructor responded quickly for questions posted in the discussion forums. Overall satisfied.

  12. Emmase Adams

    Found the course content very comprehensive. The voice-over in the tutorials made it engaging. Access to multiple courses in Pharmacovigilance made it a no-brainer to subscribe to this knowledgebase. Recommend it!

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