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Oracle Argus Safety Navigation

Oracle Argus Safety Navigation

Oracle Argus Safety is a pharmacovigilance software designed for pharmaceutical companies to manage adverse event reporting and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Here’s a brief navigation guide for Oracle Argus Safety:

  1. Dashboard: This is the main landing page, which provides an overview of the system and displays key metrics such as the number of cases, queries, and reports.
  2. Case Management: This module allows users to capture, process, and report adverse events. The module includes functions such as case intake, case assessment, follow-up, and reporting.
  3. Product Management: This module manages the product information, including the creation, maintenance, and archiving of product records.
  4. Reporting: This module generates regulatory and management reports, such as individual case safety reports (ICSRs), periodic safety update reports (PSURs), and signal detection reports.
  5. Configuration: This module allows system administrators to configure the system’s settings, including user roles and permissions, workflows, and system integrations.
  6. Query Management: This module allows users to create and manage queries for adverse event cases, as well as track the status of query resolution.
  7. Signal Management: This module facilitates signal detection, evaluation, and management.

Overall, Oracle Argus Safety provides a comprehensive solution for pharmacovigilance activities and compliance with global regulatory requirements.

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