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Database Migration and Archival

Database migration and archival are important components of Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS).

Database migration refers to the process of transferring data from one CDMS system to another. This is often necessary when a new CDMS system is introduced or when the original system needs to be updated. During migration, data is typically cleaned, transformed, and validated to ensure that it is in the correct format for the new system.

Database archival is the process of preserving data from a CDMS system in a secure and accessible format for long-term storage. This is important to ensure that the data remains accessible for future reference and analysis. Archived data is typically stored in a secure location and can be retrieved when needed.

Both database migration and archival are crucial for ensuring the preservation and availability of clinical trial data. Proper data management practices, including regular backups and secure storage, are essential for protecting the data and ensuring that it remains usable for years to come.

A dedicated team in a CRO / the IT team of the organization is actively involved in daily and weekly archival activities as well as migration activities when moving to a new version of a system or another system altogether.

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