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Clinical Data Management System

Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) are computerized systems used to manage, store, and analyze clinical trial data. The main objective of CDMS is to ensure that the data collected during clinical trials is accurate, consistent, and readily available for analysis.

Clinical Data Management System typically include features such as:

  1. Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs): eCRFs allow data to be captured electronically and directly entered into the CDMS system.
  2. Data validation rules: These rules help to ensure data accuracy by checking for inconsistencies and missing values.
  3. Data edit checks: CDMS systems typically include edit checks to verify that data entered into the system meets predefined criteria.
  4. Query management: CDMS systems provide a mechanism for investigators to request clarification of data and for data managers to respond to these requests.
  5. Data reporting: CDMS systems allow data to be easily extracted and aggregated for analysis.

The use of CDMS in clinical trials helps to improve the quality and efficiency of data management and can lead to more accurate and reliable trial results.

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