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CIOMS Groups & Functions

CIOMS Groups & Functions. CIOMS (Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences) is an international, non-governmental organization that provides a forum for collaboration between various organizations involved in the development, regulation, and promotion of medical products.

One of the primary functions of CIOMS is to provide guidance on ethical issues related to medical research and product development. CIOMS has published a series of ethical guidelines that have been widely adopted by the international community, such as the CIOMS International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects, which provide a framework for the ethical conduct of clinical research.

Another important function of CIOMS is to provide guidance on the safety of medical products. CIOMS has established working groups to develop guidelines and recommendations related to pharmacovigilance (the science of detecting, assessing, and preventing adverse effects of medicines), vaccine safety, medical product risk management, and other safety-related topics. The guidelines and recommendations produced by these working groups are widely used by regulatory authorities, industry, and other stakeholders in the field of medical product safety.

In addition to its work on ethics and safety, CIOMS also supports international collaboration in the development of medical products. For example, CIOMS has established working groups focused on topics such as drug development in children, gene therapy, and clinical trials in resource-limited settings.

Overall, CIOMS plays an important role in promoting international cooperation and collaboration in the development, regulation, and promotion of medical products, with a particular focus on ethical and safety issues.

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