Oracle RDC Onsite – Dedicated Hosting

$899.00 / month

Admin access. 5 users license


Oracle Remote Data Capture Software – Dedicated Hosting

Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture Onsite (RDC Onsite) is a web-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software designed by Oracle. It works with studies that are defined and designed using Oracle Clinical. The Oracle RDC Onsite application is used by pharmaceutical companies and CROs to collect, review, and report clinical data collected during a patient visit in a clinical study.

As a part of this Subscription you can get access to to the latest version of this enterprise application Oracle RDC Onsite – Dedicated Hosting 5.4 (with Admin access), that will help you understand how Oracle RDC Onsite software can be used for collecting clinical data remotely from the Investigative Site.

This would provide you with a dedicated instance of Oracle RDC Onsite deployed specifically for you to which you will have Administrative access. You would be able to perform configuration in Oracle RDC Onsite software as per your workflow requirements and consequently perform data management and reporting for the relevant studies. 5 user license included. More can be purchased..

For Professionals – Practice configuration of Oracle RDC Onsite and open avenues as Oracle RDC Support specialist.

For Students – Practice Data entry, Discrepancy Management and Electronic Source Data Verification and move laterally in the Clinical Data Management domain.

For Institutions – Provide an edge to your students by integrating Oracle RDC Onsite in your Clinical Data Management training curriculum.

Oracle Remote Data Capture – Software Access is offered as a cloud based service. Upon subscribing to the service, you would be sent the web link to access the software along with your credentials. No installation is required from your side.

You may also enroll for our eLearning Program – Oracle Remote Data Capture (RDC)


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