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Oracle Argus Insight is a Pharmacovigilance Ad-Hoc Reporting software designed by Oracle to build complex ad hoc queries without having to write PL/SQL, and to review, annotate, add, and remove adverse event cases in the query results. It is used in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Gold standard for Custom Reporting in Pharmacovigilance.

It is tightly integrated with the Oracle Argus Safety application and can pull cases from it to generate custom reports.

As a part of this Subscription you can get access to this enterprise application, to practice the generation of custom reports and kickstart a career in Pharmacovigilance Reporting.

For Students – Get practical experience on the Oracle Argus Insight application and be better prepared for a Job Interview.

For Professionals – Practice creation of Custom Reports using Oracle Argus Insight and move laterally to the Pharmacovigilance Reporting domain.

For Institutions – Provide an edge to your students by integrating Oracle Argus Insight in your Pharmacovigilance training curriculum.


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