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How is Oracle Clinical used in Clinical Research

Use of Oracle Clinical in Clinical Research cannot be undermined. After all the data of a clinical trial decided whether the drug is approved or not.

Oracle Clinical is a clinical data management software that is used to manage clinical trial data. It is designed to support the collection, management, and analysis of clinical trial data in a centralized and secure manner.

The main use of Oracle Clinical in clinical research is to support clinical trial processes by providing tools for data entry, data management, data validation, and data reporting. It helps to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of clinical trial data and helps to streamline the clinical trial process.

With Oracle Clinical, clinical trial data can be entered into a centralized database and then validated for accuracy and completeness. The software also provides tools for data reconciliation, which helps to ensure that the data entered into the database is consistent with the data collected at the study sites.

In addition, Oracle Clinical provides a variety of reporting and analytics tools that help to generate meaningful insights from the clinical trial data. This includes the ability to generate summary reports, adverse event reports, and other clinical trial metrics.

Oracle Clinical has several subsystems that allow for various parts of the clinical study to be handled concurrently, including study plan, study design, data collection, entry, data cleaning, coding and DCF management.

In conclusion, use of Oracle Clinical in clinical research is as a valuable tool for clinical trial professionals, as it helps to streamline the clinical trial process and ensures the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of clinical trial data. By providing a centralized database and reporting tools, Oracle Clinical helps to improve the overall quality of clinical trial data and supports the development of safe and effective treatments.

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