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Controlling Voice of Sentence for Readability

Controlling the voice of a sentence is an essential technique for improving readability in medical writing. Here are some tips for controlling the voice of a sentence in medical writing:

  1. Use Active Voice: In active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action. This makes the sentence more direct and easier to understand. Active voice sentences are preferred in medical writing as they emphasize the importance of the action taken.

Example: “The doctor administered the medication to the patient” is clearer than “The medication was administered to the patient by the doctor.”

  1. Avoid Passive Voice: In passive voice, the subject receives the action. This can make the sentence more complex and difficult to understand. Passive voice should be avoided in medical writing as it can lead to ambiguity and confusion.

Example: “The medication was given to the patient” is less clear than “The doctor gave the medication to the patient.”

  1. Vary Sentence Structure: Varying the structure of sentences can make the writing more interesting and engaging to read. A monotonous sentence structure can make the writing dull and difficult to understand. Varying the length of sentences can also help to keep the reader engaged.

Example: “The patient was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor prescribed medication. The patient was advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.” can be rewritten as “After being diagnosed with diabetes, the patient was prescribed medication and advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.”

  1. Use Simple Language: Using simple language can make the writing more accessible to a wider audience. Medical jargon and technical terms should be used sparingly and defined when they are used.

Example: “The patient experienced an episode of myocardial infarction” can be simplified as “The patient had a heart attack.”

By controlling the voice of the sentence, varying sentence structure, and using simple language, medical writers can create clear, concise, and engaging content that is easier to read and understand.

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