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Oracle Clinical – Definition subsystem

The Definition Subsystem in Oracle Clinical is a system used to define and manage the study-specific information and objects used in a clinical study. The Definition Subsystem includes several components, including:

  1. Study design: The study design defines the overall structure of the study, including the type of study, number of patients, study duration, and data collection methods.
  2. Study forms: The study forms define the questions and data fields that will be used to collect the data. The forms can be created, customized, or reused from the Global Library.
  3. Data validation rules: The data validation rules define the checks that will be performed on the data entered into the study forms to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data.
  4. Workflows: The workflows define the steps involved in the data collection and management process, including the roles and responsibilities of the study team members.
  5. Environment settings: The environment settings define the study-specific settings, such as user roles and access, and study-specific security measures.

The Definition Subsystem provides a centralized platform for defining and managing the study-specific information and objects used in a clinical study. It helps to streamline the study design and data management process and ensures consistency and standardization across multiple studies. The Definition Subsystem is an essential component of Oracle Clinical and provides a comprehensive set of tools for defining and managing study-specific information and objects.

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